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Brasshouse Lane, Smethwick, B66 1BA
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North Smethwick Development Trust

We believe it takes a community to make people and places thrive.  We make social impact and development of the local people our top priority, continuing our passion for social enterprise, social inclusion and real community action for local people.


To work to achieve the social, economic and environmental regeneration of North Smethwick


To be widely recognised as a leading community anchor organisation providing services for our community. Locally owned with active involvement from the community, the Trust will continue to make a real and positive contribution to the lives of people in North Smethwick. It will be seen as an essential partner for agencies operating in North Smethwick and the wider area. The Trust will be financially independent with income streams derived from its own assets and social enterprise


  • To improve the health & well being of our community
  • To reduce poverty
  • To help our children and young people reach their potential
  • To build pride in the place we live and work.

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