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NSDT History

NSDT has strong roots in social action and community development.history_med

In 1988, a group of local people successfully challenged a Compulsory Purchase Order placed on older, local housing.

Led by the Rev Janet Full James, local residents got organised and managed to secure funds to employ a community development worker.

The resident group then worked with Sandwell council to manage a major grant aided renovation programme of local homes that had been previously earmarked for demolition.

By 1992, the group had formalised themselves as a Company Limited by Guarantee and registered as a Charity.

Following the success of the earlier housing development project, the Trust was selected to manage the Albion estate regeneration project. A renovation of 160 council and owner occupied properties, this was £3.5 million housing investment project was successfully completed in 2001.

Those early days of local people in action did not diminish and over time the Trust became more active in the running of the Brasshouse Community Centre which was, at that time, owned and managed by Sandwell MBC.

In 2007, the Trust took the decision to assume management responsibility of the Centre focussing on supporting local people through community development projects and community engagement. As a development trust, it now delivers a range of social enterprise projects, community projects, and projects for children and young people and a whole host of other activities and services.