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Fuel Poverty

NSDT works to help support people in north Smethwick out of fuel poverty

Fuel poverty is a real issue in North Smethwick.

The true level of fuel poverty has been under-estimated and has increased since 2009.

A report commissioned by North Smethwick Development Trust in 2012 found out that that 1 in 2 households in the neighbourhood were in fuel poverty and that, in some parts of the area the rate arose to as high as 3 out of 4 households.

As a result of this report, working with Ecotex, NSDT managed to secure enough funding to deliver a housing improvement scheme for all the residential properties on Kimberley Road, a total of 68 houses.

This £475,000 housing improvement scheme helped local households combat rising energy bills resulting from poorly insulated homes.

The scheme was promoted with the help of the Bangladeshi Islamic Centre, who helped overcome community language barriers. Below case study of the scheme demonstrates the key achievements of this scheme.

New insulation scheme

Following the huge success of the previous scheme, NSDT has managed to secure another insulation scheme for 12 local households to be completed in late 2016.

Led by Warm Zone with the support of Sandwell MBC, NSDT is working to tackle enduring fuel poverty by working with partners to provide housing insulation to local homes. The work on these properties in Perry Street started in November 2016

Case Study

Find out more about the work in Kimberly Road by downloading a case study.